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Weekend Adventures With The Kids

Kids with Allergen-friendly Snacks

As parents, we can probably all agree that it can be tough to balance everyone’s schedules and spend valuable time together, especially during the busy school year. Weeknights are often full of homework and bedtime routines, various extracurricular activities, and occasional work commitments, so that makes the weekends even more important for intentional quality time with our kiddos.

At Maja, we absolutely love outdoor activities with our children to create lasting memories and give them the undivided attention that they need and deserve! Here are some of our favorite weekend adventure ideas to try out with your family!

Weekend Adventure Ideas

The fall season brings about so many wonderful opportunities to spend quality time with your family. There’s no time like the present to clear out your calendar and plan a fun family adventure, so let’s get to it!

Maja Weekend Adventures Collage

Visit a Pumpkin Patch 

You can’t have fall without pumpkins! Pumpkins are perfect for their versatility. Whether you’re looking to decorate your front porch, bake up some fall treats, or carve a spooky scene, finding the perfect pumpkin is an absolute must! Check out a local patch and let your kiddos explore and bring home their favorite pumpkins.

Go Hiking on Your Favorite Trails

There’s nothing like enjoying the beautiful weather by taking a long hike and admiring the beautiful leaves, trees, and trails with your loved ones. Check out some of our favorite local trails of various levels of difficulty located near Cold Springs, NY in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

Go Apple Picking 

Kids LOVE apple picking! This adventure can double as an educational one as well as an entertaining one. Letting your children pick their own apples encourages them to try new flavors, learn about how fruit grows, and foster healthy habits.

Plan a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Let your kiddos explore the great outdoors by planning a nature scavenger hunt for them. This is a wonderful way for your kids to learn about new plants and bugs, woodland creatures, and birds, and, of course, colorful autumn leaves. They will have so much fun that they won’t even realize the adventure is educational!

Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Who doesn’t love a corn maze? Have a blast navigating the twists and turns of one of your local corn mazes. You can make it even more fun by turning it into a family competition!

Take a Family Bike Ride

Teach your kiddos the importance of staying active by setting up a family bike ride through your favorite trails or neighborhoods. Just don’t forget the helmets!

For more ideas, check out our previous blog for some tips on keeping your kiddos active and healthy here.

Weekend Adventure Snacks 

We all know that no family adventure can happen without snacks! Don’t forget that packing snacks does not have to be complicated or unhealthy. It is important to provide our kids with healthy options that will keep them nourished and content.

Here’s where Maja comes in to save the day! Our plant-based, gluten-free baking mixes are free of the top 14 allergens, truly nutritional, and incredibly satisfying. We also offer overnight oats for a gluten-free and plant-based option, though please note they are not allergen-free. We have a few ideas on how to create some healthy on-the-go snacks for your family adventures.

Maja Cacao & Coconut Overnight Oats


Our overnight oats make for the perfect grab-and-go snack! Our Banana Bread Overnight Oats and Cacao and Coconut Overnights Oats are made with real ingredients, packed with protein, and will keep you feeling full for hours. These are best after setting overnight, but they can also be made in just a few minutes if you need to grab something quickly. You can even turn our oats into yummy Banana Oat Muffins and Chocolate Energy Balls to pack for the road!

Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Never underestimate the simplicity of fresh fruits and veggies for a healthy snack that won’t drag your kids down! Fill up a bento box with colorful veggies or make a fun fruit skewer to keep your kids well-nourished and energized for the day.

Sweet Treats 

Did you know that Maja offers yummy and nutritious baking mixes that are vegan-friendly, easy to make, and rich and delicious? We are proud to provide a Chocolate Cake & Cupcake Mix as well as a Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your kids’ cravings without all the unnecessary ingredients! Make a batch (or two) of your mix ahead of time and pack them up for a sweet treat for your family getaway.

For more recipes of some of our delicious treats, check out our recipe box!

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