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Back to School is Here - How to Share Allergy-Friendly Treats

Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes - Maja

As the weather starts to cool down and you start to see football back on TV, that can only mean one thing - Back to school!

The ‘’Back to School'' time of year can come with many ups and downs for a parent. Picking out new school supplies, meeting new teachers, reuniting with friends, and starting a new chapter is all really exciting, fun, and fresh for both the parents and the kiddos. However, let’s not forget about some of the stressful aspects - waking up early, making it on time to both work and school, balancing multiple schedules, and yes, what to pack for lunches and snacks.

If you are newer to the world of school, you may not realize just how tricky this can be, especially with the rise of allergies over the years. According to the CDC, food allergies among children continues to grow, averaging about 1 in 13 children (or 2 kids per classroom) with an allergy. Whether that be your own child or one of your child’s classmates, it is something to take extremely seriously when considering what to pack for lunches, snacks, and classroom parties. We’d love to provide some insight to make this aspect of “back to school” a little less stressful.

To further educate yourself on food allergy guidelines and resources, be sure to visit the FARE website.

What Should I Consider When Planning on Sending Snacks or Desserts to School With My Child?

The first thing to do when considering what food to send to school with your kids is to talk to the teacher early on! Whether you are preparing for a class celebration, hoping to send in snacks for your child’s birthday, or simply want to know what to pack in daily lunches, communication with the teacher is key. If he/she has not already provided the class with guidelines for what can and cannot be brought into the classroom or even an approval list, it would be wise to ask for one.

Depending on the individual allergies in the classroom or even school-wide rules, the guidelines for what is or is not allowed can vary. Some classrooms will allow homemade items to be brought in for class parties and snacks, while others require store-bought only. Some schools may only allow peanut products to be brought in for lunches while others may prohibit peanut products altogether. It is imperative to know this information upfront to keep all students safe.

What Are Some Allergen-Friendly Ideas For Homemade Treats?

If you are around kids often, then you know very well that it’s all about the treats! Kids thrive on snacks, sweets, and surprises, and we have some ideas for allergy-friendly treats that can be shared with your kids and their classmates.

Maja Treats

Maja is a proud provider of baking mixes that are free of the top 14 allergens! We offer a Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, a Chocolate Cake & Cupcake Mix, and a Pancake & Waffle Mix - all allergy-friendly and kid approved.

If your child’s classroom allows homemade treats, our plant-based mixes are excellent options for sweet treats for the kids that are also safe. Our delicious garden brownie recipe is a great one that can be slightly altered to be a little more kid-friendly! Try replacing the edible flowers, as the recipe suggests, with vegan and gluten-free sprinkles and gummy bears instead! We know the kids are sure to love it! Check out the recipe here.

Non-Food Treats

Another option for allergen-friendly ideas for classroom parties is a non-food item! We promise that kids will be just as excited about these as they are the sweet treats.

Some ideas for non-food treats are:

  • Birthday/holiday stickers
  • Crafts kits
  • Themed book for class story time
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Handmade cards
  • Party favors, such as mini Play-Doh, fidgets, light up rings, etc.

Prioritizing the safety of kids in school is so important. Please be sure to educate yourself on allergies in children and communicate with teachers about what is safe for students in the classroom to ensure a fun, healthy, and safe school year!

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